KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH


KLEMM Bohrtechnik supplies customers across the globe with drilling equipment for special foundation industry. Covering hydraulic drill rigs up to 32 t service weight, KLEMM supplies everything from a single source with a broad product palette in the business fields of drill drives and drilling accessories.


Reliability, Made in Germany. Customers can rely on KLEMM because KLEMM drill rigs are reliably designed for the most stringent drilling conditions. Every detail is well thought-out, perfected, high in quality, absolutely robust and contributes to the productive capability of the drill rig. This offers security and ensures the success of both KLEMM and its customers.


Customer orientation. KLEMM sees itself as the partner of its customers. The goal is to use individual and intelligent solutions to supply drill rigs that generate added value and competitive advantages in the workflow of the customer. KLEMM stands closely by its customers with respect to development, manufacturing and service.


Efficiency. More power, lower costs and emissions. KLEMM drill rigs are designed for sustainability, ecologically as well as economically. Continuous technological development defines the state of the art. The advantage: highest levels of productivity and durability optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO).


Solutions. Tailor-made to fit exactly. Based on maximum vertical integration and a broad product palette, KLEMM develops drill rigs that satisfy the specific drilling tasks of the customer. Using a customer-specific development process, KLEMM's designers and engineers implement the adaptations that precisely tune the configuration and performance of the respective drill rig to the specific requirements.